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SCUTTLE originates from a critical need at Texas A&M for a flexible, extensible, durable, and afforable robot to support the unversity's Mobile Robotics Undergraduate Engineering course.

During the development of the course we found no affordable solutions available on the market which could meet the learning objectives.  This kicked off the development of the SCUTTLE platform, which we determined early should be shared publicly to lower the barriers of entry to robotics for people and academic institutions world-wide.  The result of that effort is a robot with strong autonomous capability, IoT connectivity, and payload performace; backed by a supportive Open Source Community and easily available design documentation.

The original SCUTTLE design was iterated upon to require ZERO fabrication and to be sourced from parts available world-wide at low cost.  All of the documentation to build your own Scuttle can be found through links right here.


  • 40Kg Payload Capacity

  • 4 Hour Battery Life

  • 100% 3D printed & Off-the-Shelf Components

  • Affordable, Safe, Hands-On technology
  • Integrates the most popular robotics components on the market, leveraging the very best online educators.
    • Raspberry Pi, MQTT, Lithium Ion batteries,
    • More than 100 free how-to videos for hardware and software
  • No need for machine shop or fabrication

Built for adventurous learners and the academic community, SCUTTLE is a proudly open source initiative aimed at enabling people to learn and experiment with robotics world wide.  Our supportive community is always excited to welcome new faces.

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Full Bill of Materials and Documentation are available for free.
Source your own parts or buy a kit here at
Development is ongoing so new add-ons are offered continuously
Built on leading electronics & software technology from TI, Microsoft, Panasonic
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